Core Business

Game Development

  • Gaea Mobile has grown to over 300 employees since its creation. The products created by our development team have hit markets in North America, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Korea. The development team now consists of four studios named Yunmeng, Xifeng, Jianjian, and Reqing Art, with a plethora of development experience stemming from globally released SLG, Card, and MMORPG games. Along with investments into other markets such as H5 games, we take game design to new heights. Working with other leading developers such as CD Projekt Red and BEhaviour, we are bringing great games to new audiences globally.

Game Publishing

  • To create a more solid global foundation and to support our global publishing network, we have offices in some of the hottest markets including the United States, Japan, South Korea, and China. Our publishing teams are deeply rooted in local markets and have worldwide coverage 24 hours a day. After years of building our networks, Gaea currently has over 60 million users from over many countries and regions all over the world. Gaea team members work closely together to integrate our games into gaming communities around the world.

IP Collaboration

  • Not only does Gaea Mobile work with the latest, most popular IP’s, but we also reinvent classic icons onto our mobile platform. By introducing these IP’s to mobile, we can get the most popular stories into the hands of more users, thus introducing even more people to these great works.
  • We strive to work with global brands to introduce the top IP’s to mobile devices. This includes the worldwide hit Game of Thrones, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Final Fantasy XV, the Chinese Xian Xia classic 《Legend of Sword》, and 《Gu Jian Qi Tan 2》. We have also worked with Anime hits such as 《Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress》 and 《Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team》.

Original IP and Merchandise

  • We have a great passion to create cutting-edge anime, film, and television products. With our Jupiter Creative Design animation studio we take Chinese style anime to new heights though unique stories and innovation. From《Aotu World》with over 240 million plays to our new hit 《Blade of Vengers》. Because we create these products based on the original anime with market trends and high quality in mind, the number of fans we reach is extensive.

Card Games
and E-sports

  • Gaea Mobile uses eSports to create a deeper bond with the player community. This is also a place for our players to showcase their talents with those familiar and unfamiliar with the game. With the release of Fight for Freedom, a wealth of eSports experience was gained. Because of our experience we were able to work on CD Projekt Red’s GWENT one of the world’s top card games. For every player who looks for a great esports experience to showcase their talents, Gaea is there to support them.

Gaea Cloud

  • Gaea Cloud is a complete PaaS and SaaS tool set based on many game development and distribution requirements. It is a one-stop cloud service that is compatible with many engines and languages and it can optimize distribution efficiency by reducing the need for manual configuration. With the integrated AI and its simple user interface it does not only produce high efficiency but also enhances the user experience. It is customizable for large scale products and enables fast data reporting and error monitoring.
  • Game Development
  • Game Publishing
  • IP Collaboration
  • Animation & Film
  • Esports
  • Mobile Advertising